lexigent (lexigent) wrote,

So it's been a week and we have learned a few things if we didn't already know them.

We're about to be governed by an unelected PM chosen by Tory party members, we haven't actually triggered the legal process that means we are leaving the EU but people, businesses, universities, ... are behaving like we have, because in their own best interests, they have to. And however it plays out, whether we actually leave or not, the people of this country will suffer the consequences for at least a decade.

And all because two privileged white men from the same drinking club got into a fight and played a game with the country's interests, with people's lives. And now they've both walked away from the mess they've created, leaving it for someone else to deal with.

No one is apologising for what they've done. No one is even taking responsibility. No one is admitting this is what they did.

I'm furious and helpless. And personally, all I want to know is if I should be looking for my next job over here or at home. Is there something about this country that I feel is salvageable, that is worth staying for, that is worth me making an effort to make things better? Or is there simply not enough, do I feel that everything is so broken it's not even worth trying to help fix it? That whatever goodwill I have will go to waste because nothing will change anyway?

I don't know. But at the moment, every day I wake up thinking things can't possibly get any worse, and then they do.

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