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Snowflake challenge Day 12

In your own space, post a rec for fannish spaces and resources - comms, challenges, twitters, tumblrs, etc. Tell us about where you hang out.

In real life, I mostly hang out around the filk community. I've been to the UK filk convention a few times now and it's intense but lovely.

[community profile] fan_flashworks and its social comm [community profile] ffw_social are really nice places to hang out. There's a prompt every ten days and you create things in any fandom, any medium, in response and post to the comm. It's introduced me to people that I don't even share fandoms with but I read their work and talk to them socially in the social comm, and in turn I get some people reading my fic or listening to my mixes who wouldn't otherwise. It's very friendly and welcoming. There is also an intricate badge system that rewards you for creating certain kinds of fanworks, so if you're looking to challenge yourself, or you want to try out different genres or styles, there are incentives and resources that can encourage you to do it.

[community profile] getyourwordsout - not strictly a fannish comm but one that helps you stay focussed with writing.

lost_spook runs the Obscure & British Comment fest once a year and it's always a riot.

[personal profile] ruuger runs the Friendship Fic Fest for the International Day of Friendship in February, also always a nice one, particularly for the ace-spec folk among us.

[community profile] jukebox_fest is the best exchange in the world! It's an exchange where you write stories based on songs. It's essentially o-fic and the amount of talent and variety of the output is stupendous every time.

Sadly I am not sure what happened to [community profile] invisible_ficathon, which was also the best exchange in the world. People write fic for stories that don't exist but are mentioned in the canon of existing works.

thisengland Is a small but lovely exchange focussed on Shakespeare's history plays.

And obviously, since last year [community profile] stageoffools is a thing: a Shakespeare fic exchange for anything that's not a History or a Roman play, run by yours truly.

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